17 July - Submitted Order.
18 July - Made payment and items shipped out, expected to arrive on Friday if there's no delay. There's two OOS. I will notify upon arrival :) 

22 July - Items arrived to Singapore, delivered to my doorstep at 1145 but there was nobody at home and I was in school, so they left a delivery notice instead. I rearranged for another delivery on Saturday morning. So sorry, I expected them to come in the evening! Anyhow, all customers that opted for postage, your parcels will be mailed tomorrow afternoon ^^. As for meetups, it will be arranged, you can still email me to opt for postage~ :) *Its faster and you don't have to leave your house* 

22 July - All items MAILED OUT for postage. Meet up some has been done, remaining 2 parcels at home *wee* The rest are for giveaways, instocks mostly reserved and given out too~ DO CHECK OUR PROMOTION PAGE FOR GIVEAWAYS!! 


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