7th August - Orders Sent in.
8th August - Payment made, Orders shipped out. 
11th August - Items arrived! 

Due to GMAIL problems, I have yet to refund some of the customers whom I do not have contact with. If you have gotten your items but not the out of stock refunds, PLEASE EMAIL ME COWAIINESS@YMAIL.COM. Do take note of the change of address. It is now YMAIL. 

I do not have access to my previous email, it got disabled, so ANY order forms or any questions would not have been directed to my email. So sorry for any inconvenience caused. Much much loves. 


Hello dears, 

This would be only virgin giveaway from COWAIINESS~ For a list of items that would be given away... "LIKE" our facebook page NOW and see this : https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=261227897224608&set=a.261227753891289.88508.251655184848546&type=1&theater


Everyone is a winner~ How so? 

(1) Facebook: Tag yourself this photo: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=261233773890687&set=a.261233770557354.88509.251655184848546&type=1&theater

(2) Twitter: Tweet what you love most about COWAIINESS and mention us @cowaiiness 

(3) Blog: Blog about us! Anything! 
After blogging, please EMAIL cowaiiness@gmail.com, subject "Blogging giveaway". Message please include your NAME, and the direct link to the post. 

For (1) & (2):
5 winners each, CHOSEN AT RANDOM! Closing on 10 August. 2 random items per winner :) 

For (3):
2 winners, chosen by COWAIINESS. Closing on 5 August. 5 items per winner :) 

Hurry up now ^^ 

24 July - Orders Submitted, waiting for supplier to reply. 
25 July - Payment made
26 July - Payment received and shipped. Goods will arrive within 5 WORKING days if there's no delay :) 
15 August - Items arrived. 

Lots of problems with this delivery company. Super sorry for the delay! Have mailed every one, do check :) 

17 July - Submitted Order.
18 July - Made payment and items shipped out, expected to arrive on Friday if there's no delay. There's two OOS. I will notify upon arrival :) 

22 July - Items arrived to Singapore, delivered to my doorstep at 1145 but there was nobody at home and I was in school, so they left a delivery notice instead. I rearranged for another delivery on Saturday morning. So sorry, I expected them to come in the evening! Anyhow, all customers that opted for postage, your parcels will be mailed tomorrow afternoon ^^. As for meetups, it will be arranged, you can still email me to opt for postage~ :) *Its faster and you don't have to leave your house* 

22 July - All items MAILED OUT for postage. Meet up some has been done, remaining 2 parcels at home *wee* The rest are for giveaways, instocks mostly reserved and given out too~ DO CHECK OUR PROMOTION PAGE FOR GIVEAWAYS!!